Skate Art

Marc Argelich Trigo A.K.A (Matdisseny) was born in Manresa (Barcelona) in 1976. Graduated in Graphic Design from the Art School of Terrassa (Barcelona) in 2003.

Shaping a recycle skateboard is a painstaking process, and it can take a graphic artist like #matdisseny six to eight hours to craft a single board. Meanwhile, a factory with an assembly line can use a CNC machine to turn out a board in minutes and repeat the process hundreds of times a day.

Those boards are, in many ways, the same as the boards that Marc crafts; But they’re also completely different, they’re a commodity.

For many people, skateboarding is more than a sport, it’s a spiritual experience; Marc knows that and gets the best colors, shapes, and illustrations to create a new custom object with a unique design, and all this from a recycled skateboard or sometimes on a new blank deck.

Marc has been crafting since he
started the “Skate Art” project in 2014.


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1. Please fill in the Commission Enquiry Form on this page, check the artwork that you want: Custom Skateboard; Logo or Illustration. I will reply within 2 working days.

  You will receive a price quote by e-mail to confirm.

3. Once the quote has been accepted, a 50% deposit is required. We accept the PayPal payment or by credit card.

4. Now we are going to work on the layouts and revisions to get your design for your artwork. 

 After the 3 revisions, we will get the finished artwork, at this
moment you will pay the rest and I Will send you your artwork.

We do ship worldwide. Much Love. Fill the Form here:



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