EN |For many people, skateboarding is more than a sport, it’s a spiritual experience and without a doubt is a way of life. Marc knows that and gets the best colors, shapes, and illustrations to create a new custom object with a unique design, and all this from a recycled skateboard or sometimes on a new blank deck from Canadian maple or hard rock maple.

Marc has been crafting since he started the
“Skate Art” project in 2014 @matdisseny

Shaping a recycle skateboard is a painstaking process, and it can take a graphic artist like @matdisseny six to eight hours to craft a single board. Meanwhile, a factory with an assembly line, can use a CNC machine to turn out a board in minutes and repeat the process hundreds of times a day.

Those boards are, in many ways, the same as the boards that Marc crafts; But they’re also completely different, they’re a commodity.

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