Selected press on the internet

Surgere Magazine – Entrevistamos a Marc Matdisseny • Skate & Punk Art

Posca Life Custom – @matdisseny Update

Il Messaggero – Expo Sk8art Fat Caos at Terni Festival

Caos Museum  – Expo Sk8art Fat Caos at Terni Festival

40Sk8 Expo State “Skate Art Classics Tribute”

Posca Life Custom – @matdisseny Cab Tribute

Posca Life Custom – @matdisseny Caribbean

Posca Life Custom – Focus on @matdisseny

Posca Life Custom – @matdisseny x @ponsguitars

40Sk8 Expo Madrid Caribbean

Pedro Ramis – Skate Art @matdisseny

Cicada Wheels – Skate Art @matdisseny

La mono magazine – Expo Skateart Galeria Shobcn

Le Cool Barcelona – Expo Skateart State bcn

Evan Roth – Graffiti Analysis Exhibition with my first tag Zone.

TypoShirt One – Selected on this book, Featuring more than 1700 unique designs from all over the world,

Q magazine – Interview to Antoni Sarri

Q magazine – Interview to Marc Arroyo.

Regió 7 – Newspaper article (photo exhibition)